The Great Eclipse

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Project Description

On August 21, 2017 the “Great American Solar Eclipse” passed over the United States offering a once in a lifetime experience to see a total eclipse of the sun in broad daylight. Since Explore Scientific is a manufacturer of telescopes and other kinds of educational equipment, 2017 was a very busy year. While I have a lot of solar eclipse items to pick from I’m showing 3 items for the sake of avoiding overkill. The first is a short 15 second spot played on tv and posted to social media. This was a short last minute project produced a few weeks before in the event in an effort to move some last remaining product. The second is a fake movie trailer for Solar Pocalypse. While the astronomy market is small it does have aninvolved and tightly knit community. Due to all of the local astronomy groups & online forums, everyone basically knows everyone. So because of this relationship I created Solar Pocalypse as a promo piece and friendly nod to the community.

The third video is a DYI solar glasses tutorial. Explore Scientific had donated solar film to several schools in the area so students could view the eclipse during school hours. Two days before the event teachers started calling urgently asking for help. They needed video on how to assemble the solar glasses that could be played over the school’s CCTV for the thousands of students. Normally I prefer to work behind the camera. But in this instance I had a half a day to create something and there was zero time for revisions. Because of the tight timeline the school would have to use whatever I provided.