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Speaking from my own perspective, I view Star Chasers as the point in my career where I transitioned from amateur guy with a camera to professional producer. Using any available free time on nights and weeks I spent nearly a year on this project. I did everything from the cartoon animations in episode 2 to the writing & recording of the theme music. I had some help with the narration script and had some creative input from a designer friend but other than that, this was a solo and transformative project.

More than 400 years ago, Galileo began a tradition of using telescopes to awaken people to the wonders of the night sky. Since then, humanity’s understanding of the universe has grown at an astounding pace, and much of that discovery can be linked to that desire to explore, sparked by looking through a telescope. From backyards to sidewalks to national parks, the outreach efforts Galileo began continue to thrive today. This is perhaps most obvious when you witness the unwavering popularity of star parties in communities around the world. A star party is a celebration of the night sky and all of its beauty, mystery and insight. It’s is a place where astronomers of all levels gather to share their eyepieces, hone their skills, explore new worlds and connect with kindred spirits. Perhaps most importantly, it is a recruiting and training ground for future generations of amateur Star Chasers.