Road Astronomers

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During my time with Explore Scientific I traveled all over the United States capturing footage for our online content. Anytime I have my camera out I’m always shooting. As a result, I end up with lots of extra content and no intended use, thus is never seen. One day after several months of traveling, I was sitting at my kitchen table and decided to review some of the forgotten footage. I quickly realized that I had some good content and that with a little work could turn it into something like a vlog or short format web series. In the beginning there was a little trial and error. Where the first 2 or 3 episodes were just conversations that took place while traveling. Admittedly, those were a little dull as I was trying to figure out the look & feel as well as where to best use the forgotten footage. I worked on these series in my free time as I continued to travel, film and release regular content and episodes. Eventually the series started to pick up a small following online that continued to grow.

Now, I’m NOT suggesting that the show could have been picked up by Netflix or anything like that. But due to the small following eventually we were able to fly to California and film an interview inside the NASA control room of JPL with the lead scientist of the Cassini mission, Linda Spilker. In the end, I didn’t win an awards or gain any notoriety and I’m sure some might consider the series a failure. But regardless of anyone’s opinion I saw potential in that forgotten footage. I knew it could be something special and I invested the time to create something that took me from my kitchen table to the control room in NASA. And that is something I’ll always be proud of.