Meet Your Hero?

Mini Promo

Square Format

A short promotional piece for Frio American Brewed featuring
Kalvin Hot Sauce Henderson explores the idea of what could happen
if you ever had the opportunity to meet your hero.

The Start of A Journey with Doc Fell 

In early March 2017 Doc Fell (an Oklahoma-based Country Artist) contacted me about producing a music video for the song “Dandelions” off his latest album “Dust Bowl Heart”. After learning more about his music and the feel he was wanting I presented my idea. I pictured the band playing in the middle of massive uncut wheat field surrounded my nothing. As the band performed in the field a simple story of someone struggling to make a difficult decision would play out on the screen.

The music video for Dandelions was released on June 27, 2017 which helped gain exposure for Doc Fell and has continued to open doors to new opportunities. Since then Stab You Productions has produced 5 music videos for Doc Fell as well as some live performances and behind the scenes content. The latest of which is “Peace Maker” of the album Heaven, Hell or Oklahoma.

Music Video

Making Of Part 1

Making Of Part 2

For more music videos, behind the scenes footage and live performances by Doc Fell & Co. produced by Stab You Productions Click Here.