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Stab You Productions » About Us

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Video Producer and Content/Brand Manager with expertise in video production and developing and managing web and social media content. Creative problem solver with an artistic sensibility and well versed in new media. Recently redesigned ECommerce format for local business, resulting in 185% in online sales revenue.

I attended college to learn graphic design but had always dabbled in video for fun. After graduation, when I started my professional career, I continued to make videos purely for creative fulfillment. At one point I even constructed a makeshift camera crane for a music video but the thought pursing video production as a career seemed like an impossible pipe dream. As the years past, I continued to climb the career ladder but always found myself creating videos in my free time for fulfillment. One day I realized that while I enjoyed creating graphic design, working in video was my true passion. In 2012 I decided to get serious about learning the craft. 
I didn’t have money for real equipment and the only thing I could afford were 2 cheap, used blog cameras and an audio recorder, which I bought happily. So I charged forward and worked with what was available.

I filmed so much stuff with those cameras and looking back at some of the videos, I’ll admit, it was YouTube teen production level quality at best. I’m still extremely proud because it shows my journey. It took a long time but eventually I saved up enough to purchase a Nikon D3200 which was at the time the cheapest DSLR on the market. I had no clue how to use a camera but wasn’t about to let that slow me down. Even though I finally had a real DSLR I still couldn’t afford real video equipment. So I made all of my own camera equipment out of PVC pipe duck tape. By this time I was constantly reaching out to local bands and other people of interest asking if I could film anything for them for free. I didn’t take it personal but most just laughed or never responded and I understood why. However, a few said yes and gave me an opportunity to grow and for that I’ll forever be grateful.

This grind continued on for the following 4 years as I spent every evening, weekend and spare moment reading books related the industry and watching youtube videos to learn as much as possible all while maintaining my normal 8 to 5 responsibilities. I’ve always said hard work will take you anywhere you want to go in life and as a result I was able to successfully transition in my career from graphic design to video and launch my own production company Stab You Productions in 2016.

People always get asked how I came up with the “Stab You Productions”. During the time when I was making my own equipment and using cheap cameras I remember having a specific conversation with some coworkers. I told them what my dreams were and what I was doing to make it happen. One person asked “if you ever launch a company what will you call it?” As names of existing production companies ran though my mind two things stuck out. All the names sounded soft and forgettable. I looked at the guy and said “I want something people will remember, and what would be more memorable (for better or worse) than someone saying they were going to stab you.” It’s not the best or most kid friendly story but for me it means a lot. So here I am, Stab You Productions.