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Stab You Productions

Kalvin "Hot Sauce" Henderson - NAMA Middleweight & UBF Intercontinental Super Middleweight Champion

“Jon’s creativity and fine attention to detail in his work is what makes his projects next level! He goes above, beyond, and then some to make the vision come to life. He is always refreshing with his ideas and different variations to bring more life to his filming.”

Doc Fell - Country Music Artist & Licensed M.D.

“I’ve worked with Jon Baker personally countless times, both on video and promotions; He is hardworking, knowledgeable, professional, punctual and I continue to use him as I believe he is a force in his field.”

Greg Bragg - National Accounts Manager at RICOH

Jon Baker is a one of a kind. He thinks out-of-the-box and comes to the table with his innovative and creative best. He puts his heart and soul into the process and is fully prepared to deliver what you want and what you need. I have been involved on many projects with Jon and he continues to impress. He is a great director, a great videographer, a great editor and a great DOER. He is a REAL PRO.

A Little Stab You

Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

I attended college to learn graphic design but had always dabbled in video for fun. After graduation, when I started my professional career, I continued to make videos purely for creative fulfillment. At one point I even constructed a makeshift camera crane for a music video but the thought of pursing video production as a career seemed like an impossible pipe dream.

As the years past, I continued to climb the career ladder but always found myself creating videos in my free time for fulfillment. One day I realized that while I enjoyed creating graphic design, working in video was my true passion. In 2012 I decided to get serious about learning the craft.
I didn’t have money for real equipment and the only thing I could afford were two cheap, used blog cameras and an audio recorder, which I bought happily. So I charged forward and worked with ….(click to read more)


Starting in 2017 Stab You Productions began producing music videos, developing content and recording live performances for Doc Fell & Co., an Oklahoma-based Country/Americana band. The most recent production was for the song “Peace Maker”. Check out the OFFICIAL music video and an extensive behind the scenes look at the motivation & vision for the project.

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